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Welltech CCTV Technology
From HD and megapixel resolution to wireless systems, the world of video surveillance technology is growing and changing every day. This gives you the option to build flexible and custom surveillance systems designed for your site’s unique security needs.

Camera options include outdoor and vandal-proof housings to protect cameras, night vision or thermal cameras for recording at night, and PTZ cameras to monitor large areas. In addition you have many software options to record, monitor, and analyze your surveillance videos so you can stay on top of any accidents, thefts, or suspicious activity.
Security Camera Systems
Security camera systems can be suited to any environment, providing a multitude of benefits to your business. Security cameras come in a wide variety of form factors so there is a camera for every security need. While building a surveillance system you can choose which type best meets your needs, so you can get the video quality and safety you want.

Sturdy outdoor and vandal-proof cameras are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, snow and rain, and even attempts to tamper or damage the camera. Night vision and thermal cameras make it possible to record video at night when sunlight or overhead lights aren’t available, while megapixel cameras give you large detailed videos.
Wireless Video Surveillance
Easily network your cameras and stream live video over long distances with a wireless video surveillance system, designed to work with multiple buildings far apart from each other. Wireless systems use special equipment to relay information, giving your system improved flexibility.
Camera Features
From HD and megapixel recording for clear, detailed images to nighttime and thermal recording to improve security in at night, Welltech CCTV Kamera Jakarta come with a wide range of features.

IP security cameras come with a wide range of features and technologies, allowing you to record video in HD, adjust to changing light levels throughout the day, and even focus your camera remotely. These features make your camera more powerful and useful, since you can adjust them as needed to fit your surveillance needs.

Physical features of your camera will impact how the video is recorded. A camera iris and image sensor work together to adjust to changing light levels to produce clear video. Other features are found in your camera’s software, like Wide Dynamic Range, which balances the light in a video after it’s recorded, or video compression to allow you to store more files.
Video Surveillance Apps
Smartphone apps make it easy to stay connected to your surveillance system when you can’t physically be on location. Whether you’re monitoring a business after hours, getting alerts that motion was detected at the construction site, or checking in on a vacation home across the country, a quick check of the live camera feed makes it easy to know what’s going on.

While features of apps will vary by manufacturer, most apps allow you to access life camera feeds and manage alerts. Some apps also review recorded video, manage camera or system settings, and even control PTZ cameras.
Software Features
The video management software is an essential part of any surveillance system. VMS software allows you to manage camera and recording settings, view multiple camera feeds, and set alerts for tampering and motion detection.
Video management software can also review and analyze your recorded video, giving you important information. These analytics can range from retail software that tracks customer movements to better design stores to motion detection searches for suspicious people who came on your property during the night.
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LED Moving Sign is used to display simple digital effects. With these characteristics, it does not require a lot of color. Usually only consists of a single color, red, green or blue only.