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 Solutions by Industry 2126
Welltech CCTV Kamera help curb theft from retail stores to improving security in schools and hospitals, a video surveillance system improves safety and peace of mind in any business. A complete IP video surveillance system comes with everything you need to install the system so you know it’s designed to work well together.

With the wide variety of camera types available you can monitor inside and outside your buildings, and record around the clock with day/night cameras. For harsh environments, including public transit stops or maritime ports, outdoor cameras can handle extreme temperatures, dust, and rain.

Featured Industries
Learn how Welltech CCTV Kamera can help in a wide range of industries including industrial, construction, and transportation, and get some tips on what to look for specifically for your industry’s needs. Some things to consider include camera form factor, quality of video, mobile / remote live streaming, and storage needs.
Solutions by Industry Manufacturing 2129 manucfacturing
Protect expensive machines, raw materials, and manufacturing equipment with secure and durable video surveillance systems. Welltech CCTV Kamera Jakarta can also monitor employees for safe use of heavy machines, and to record what happened in a workplace accident for reports if an employee is injured.
Solutions by Industry Industrial 2131 indsutrial
Monitor worker safety and prevent theft in your industrial warehouse, factory, farm, or construction sites with the network benefits of IP video. Even when you’re working off-site, stay connected to the system with remote and mobile viewing apps for computers, smartphones, and tablets.
Solutions by Industry Construction 2133 construction
Welltech CCTV Kamera Jakarta can be used to monitor and secure buildings during the construction stage, as well as after they are built. Integrating security cameras into the building design from the beginning allows them to be placed in the best spots for clear views without difficult installation.
Solutions by Industry Commercial Businesses 2135
Commercial Businesses
From small offices to large businesses with multiple locations, keep your staff safe and prevent theft of expensive equipment with Welltech CCTV Kamera Jakarta. Businesses can use these systems to monitor worker safety, deter potential vandals, and record any workplace incidents.
Solutions by Industry Retail 2137
From improving the safety of staff and customers, monitoring crowds, or improving store designs, Welltech CCTV Kamera Jakarta is used by many retail locations. Multiple cameras can monitor the front of the store, cash registers, and back rooms and management software makes it easy to supervise all the feeds.
Solutions by Industry Gas Station 2139 gas station
Gas Station
Protect employees and consumers with a video surveillance system that is safe and durable. Welltech CCTV Kamera Jakarta with anti-explosion camera can also monitor customer actions that can harm around the station and record what happens in the workplace accidents such as explosions.
Solutions by Industry Home  Residential 2141
Home & Residential
Keep your home safe with Welltech CCTV Kamera Jakarta, and stay connected while traveling with remote monitoring on smartphones and tablets. Indoor/outdoor systems are designed to monitor both the inside and outside of your house, so you can capture any suspicious activity.
Solutions by Industry Transport Industry 2143 transportation
Transport Industry
With millions of commuters every day, Welltech CCTV Kamera Jakarta is an essential part of protecting people on buses, in airports, in subway stations, and more. Wireless systems allow you to install cameras in remote locations, and local recording saves files directly to the camera.
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